Asia Studios provides high technique massage mix Shiatsu and Swedish massage, Customized massage, Joyful relaxation!

Best Asian Massage Toronto /// Tel:_(416)495-0592

Asia Studios, best Asian massage technique. High quality Asian massage mixing Shiatsu, Swedish massage, and Energy Qi Flow stimulation. Knowledgeable hands dissolve tension and knots, increase blood circulation and work to restore lymphatic and muscular systems.  Stress? Tired? Stiff muscle? Sore shoulder and back? Come!

Asia Studios, high quality Asian massage. A state of relaxation designed to stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability. Using hands of energy, deep pressure massage is slowly applied to specific points along the body’s energy pathways or meridians.  This consists of finger and palm pressure massage on your body energy zones. This leads to increased blood flow and a higher percentage of oxygen flow throughout the entire body. This reacts along the nervous system to disrupt your energy system, relieving the blockage of energy flow. (It cleans the meridians!) These blockages often cause sore muscle, tiredness, and stress…; Best technique massage will massage away the invisible waste product out of your body system.

Asia Studios massage. Best Asian massage Toronto: Deep relaxation energy massage including breathing exercise, deep pressure massage with gentle soft massage movements that are coordinated with breathing to release stress (Anxiety and depression). High quality Shiatsu massage with energy healing hands relax stiff muscle, sore back, shoulders, reduce stress level, and tone up muscle tendons…

Business Hours:
Monday:       10:30 am — 9:00 pm
Tuesday:      10:30 am — 9:00 pm
Wednesday:  10:30 am — 9:00 pm
Thursday:     10:30 am — 9:00 pm
Friday:       10:30 am — 9:00 pm
Saturday:      12:00 noon — 7:00 pm
Sunday:        12:00 noon — 5:00 pm

Massage Rates:
$40 / 30 minutes
$50 / 45 minutes
$60 / 60 minutes

Happy Hours Massage:
$38 / 45 minutes before 2:00 pm
$30 / 30 minutes after 6:00 pm

All credit cards and other payments accepted

Tel: (416)495-0592

Asia Studios
2190 Warden Avenue, Unit 210, Toronto, ON M1T 1V6

Driving direction:
at Northwest corner of Warden / Sheppard E.
an office plaza is next to Esso gas station on Warden Ave.
the “2nd Floor Office Entrance” is at back of the building.
Turn Left when you are on the 2nd Floor.
Unit 210 / Asia Studios